WEIROTTER, Franz Edmund (1730-71):

Nella venuta in Roma di Madama Le Comte e dei Signori Watelet, e Copette,
after  E. de Lavallée Poussin, comprising the complete set of seven plates by Weirotter (including an inscription plate, Hofer’s “final curtain”), out of a total of 32 by various hands in the original booklet

Etchings, 1764, printed three and four to a sheet.  P. Hofer, A Visit to Rome in 1764, Harvard 1956; D. Becker, Regency to Empire, no.55

Watermark: Bunch of grapes, comparable to Gaudriault nos. 972 to 975, 1756-1787

Fine, rich impressions printed on sturdy laid paper, three and four to a folio sheet. Scattered pale foxing and a corner crease in one of the margins.
138- 140 x 95-100mm.
$2,800 the group of seven


Weirotter was one of two young artists actually accompanying the trio on their tour of Rome, and is depicted reading a guidebook in the scene at the Colosseum.