SADELER, Aegidius (1570-1629):

Landscape with a round Tower and a Mill, from a set of four after Rolant Savery, possibly depicting the Tyrol

Etching. Hollstein 240; Freedberg, Dutch Landscape Prints (1980), plate 3
Provenance: Unidentified letters RR (Lugt 3725)

A fine, warm impression with thread margins most of the way round. Several unobtrusive printing creases, otherwise in very good condition. 232 x 282mm

While there are always well-observed details in Savery's landscapes, the assemblage of elements is still more imaginary than real. This appears to be a moonlit night-scene, yet there is a great deal of human activity going on. Travellers rest in the lower right, fishermen are on the water, and a monk approaches the tower, where he is welcomed by what may be an inn-keeper.