LASINIO, Carlo (1757-1839):

Portraits of Artists Orazio Riminaldi, Carlo Maratta, Marco Benefial, Niccolò Ricciolini (in two quite different impressions), Salvator Rosa, James Northcote, from Ritratti de’ Pittori esistenti nella Reale Galleria di Firenze…, published from 1789

Mezzotints printed in colours from four plates, with hand-touching. James Northcote printed on pale green paper

Very good impressions with small margins. Some with scattered foxing in these, generally in good condition. Various sizes, approximately 170-175 x 125-130mm.
Each $1,200


Lasinio, later the influential curator of the Camposanto in Pisa, learned the method of colour printing based on the three primary colours plus black from Edouard Gautier Dagoty, whose father had been granted the patent for J.C. Le Blon’s process after the latter’s death. Lasinio undertook the mammoth task of engraving the collection of painters’ self-portraits in the Vasari Corridor in Florence. He completed some 338 prints, which it has been estimated would have required over a thousand colour plates.