GELLÉE, Claude, called
Claude le Lorrain (1600-82) :

Le bouvier

Etching and roulette (?), 1636. Russell 27; Mannocci 18, third state B of six, with the number 4 in the left margin as in A, but with a few short, curved scratches in the top right corner of the sky. According to both Russell and Mannocci, this is a life-time state. The significance of the number is unknown. States I and II are of the utmost rarity. Provenance: Kennedy Galleries ; P & D Colnaghi

A fine, nuanced impression with small margins on three sides, trimmed on the platemark at left, leaving 4mm of plate margin. In very good condition.
131 x 202mm.

Generally considered Claude’s masterpiece in etching, this plate is one of the most important and influential landscape prints of the 17th Century, even surpassing Rembrandt’s in terms of deep contrast and atmospheric intricacy. Its impact reached the 19th Century peintres-graveurs of the Barbizon and British schools of landscape, and it was a British art critic, P.G. Hamerton, who said,”For technical quality of a certain delicate kind this is the finest etching in the world. Its transparency and gradation have never been surpassed”.