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ALTDORFER, Albrecht (ca. 1480-1538):
The Fall of Man, and The Expulsion from Paradise, from The Fall
and Redemption of Man, a series of 40 prints

Woodcuts, ca.1513. New Hollstein w.1 and 2; Winzinger 26 and 27


BAKHUIZEN, Ludolf (1631-1718):
Ships off–shore from Amsterdam, from D’y Stroom en Zee,
a set of 10

Etching, 1701. Hollstein 3, third state of three


BALDUNG GRIEN, Hans (1484-1545):
The Conversion of St. Paul

Woodcut, c. 1515-16. Hollstein 125; Yale (1981) cat. no. 52
Watermark: Double-headed eagle with pendant letters GV


BEHAM, Hans Sebald (1500-1550):
The Penance of St. John Chrysostom

Engraving, ca. 1545. Hollstein 70, eighth, final, state with the monogram and rays added in the clouds.


BISCAINO, Bartolomeo (1632-57):
The Adoration at the Manger with two Angels and five Cherubs

Etching. Bartsch XXI, 107, 6, first state before Daman’s address.
A very clearly-printed counterproof.


BLOEMAERT, Cornelis (1603-84):
Avaritia, an allegory on greed, after Abraham Bloemaert

Engraving, 1625. Hollstein 286


BOL, Ferdinand (1616-80):
St. Jerome in Penitence

Etching, 1644. Hollstein 3, second state of three, with the date lightly scratched in and before the change in signature to Rembrandt
Watermark: Fleur-de-lys
Provenance: W.E. Drugulin (Lugt 2612)


BOLSWERT, Schelte à (c. 1580-1659):
Wild Landscape by Moonlight, with a Hunter and his Quarry,
from a set of 20 landscapes after P.P. Rubens

Engraving. From Hollstein 305-325, fourth state of five, as published
by G. Hendricx


BONASONE, Giulio (c.1510-after 1576):
The Birth of John the Baptist, after Jacopino del Conte

Engraving. Massari 71, second state of five; The Illustrated Bartsch (Commentary) .076, second state of five with the address of Antonio Lafreri Provenance: Sir Peter Lely (Lugt 2092); Duke of Devonshire, Chatsworth Settlement, Christie’s London December 5, 1985, lot 81


BONASONE Giulio (c.1510-after 1576):
Cloelia crossing the Tiber, after Polodoro da Caravaggio

Engraving, c. mid-1540’s. Bartsch 85; TIB v. 28 Commentary, 083, second state of two with Lafreri’s address
Watermark: Ladder in circle


BOSSE, Abraham (1602/4-1676):
La saignée (A Surgeon preparing to Bleed a Patient),
from Les Métiers, a series of seven plates

Etching and engraving, 1632-5. Blum 1041; Duplessis 1391; Lothe 243. First state of two with the address of Le Blond, in the next state changed to Tavernier.



BOYVIN, Réné (1530?-98):
A Frieze with the Triumph of Bacchus, after Rosso Fiorintino

Engraving. Robert-Dumesnil 76, third state of four, with Hondius’
address added to that of N. de Clerck (shaded over).
Provenance: Albert van Loock (Lugt 3751)


BOYVIN, Réné (1530?-98):
Queen Ino addressing the Farmers, from a set of 26 plates after Léonard Thiry illustrating Le Livre de la Conqueste de la Toison d’or

Engraving. Robert-Dumesnil VIII,37,39; IFF 173, first state of two before number, as published in 1563


BRUEGEL, Pieter the Elder (ca. 1525-69), after:
A Dutch Hulk and a Boeier , from a series of ten war-ships, engraved by Frans Huys (fl. 1550-70) and Cornelis Cort?
(ca. 1530-78)

Engraving, 1564-5. New Hollstein 62, first state with the date 1565
near the lower plate edge; Metropolitan Museum, Pieter Bruegel
the Elder, catalogue p. 217

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