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ALTDORFER, Albrecht (ca. 1480-1538):
The Fall of Man, and The Expulsion from Paradise, from The Fall
and Redemption of Man, a series of 40 prints

Woodcuts, ca.1513. New Hollstein w.1 and 2; Winzinger 26 and 27


ANONYMOUS (Giuseppe Niccolò Vicentino?) 16th Century:
The Adoration of the Magi, after Francesco Mazzuola,
called Parmigianino

Key block only of a three-block chiaroscuro woodcut. Bartsch XII, 30, 3, as Vicentino
Watermark: Anchor in circle with star


BAKHUIZEN, Ludolf (1631-1718):
Ships off–shore from Amsterdam, from D’y Stroom en Zee,
a set of 10

Etching, 1701. Hollstein 3, third state of three


BEHAM, Hans Sebald (1500-1550):
The Penance of St. John Chrysostom

Engraving, ca. 1545. Hollstein 70, eighth, final, state with the monogram and rays added in the clouds.


BISCAINO, Bartolomeo (1632-57):
The Adoration at the Manger with two Angels and five Cherubs

Etching. Bartsch XXI, 107, 6, first state before Daman’s address.
A very clearly-printed counterproof.


BLOEMAERT, Cornelis (1603-84):
Avaritia, an allegory on greed, after Abraham Bloemaert

Engraving, 1625. Hollstein 286


BOL, Ferdinand (1616-80):
St. Jerome in Penitence

Etching, 1644. Hollstein 3, second state of three, with the date lightly scratched in and before the change in signature to Rembrandt
Watermark: Fleur-de-lys
Provenance: W.E. Drugulin (Lugt 2612)


BOLSWERT, Schelte à (c. 1580-1659):
Wild Landscape by Moonlight, with a Hunter and his Quarry,
from a set of 20 landscapes after P.P. Rubens

Engraving. From Hollstein 305-325, fourth state of five, as published
by G. Hendricx


BONASONE, Giulio (c.1510-after 1576):
The Birth of John the Baptist, after Jacopino del Conte

Engraving. Massari 71, second state of five; The Illustrated Bartsch (Commentary) .076, second state of five with the address of Antonio Lafreri Provenance: Sir Peter Lely (Lugt 2092); Duke of Devonshire, Chatsworth Settlement, Christie’s London December 5, 1985, lot 81


BONASONE, Giulio (c.1510-after 1576):
Moses striking the Rock to draw Water and instructing the Israelites to collect Manna, after Parmigianino or Polidoro da Caravaggio

Engraving, 1546. Bartsch XV, 5; TIB 28, 1985, p. 209, 5, and Commentary, 1995, p. 225, 005; Massari, 1983, no. 72
Watermark: Crossed arrows with six-pointed star
Provenance: Georg Denzel


BOYVIN, Réné (1530?-98):
A Frieze with the Triumph of Bacchus, after Rosso Fiorintino

Engraving. Robert-Dumesnil 76, third state of four, with Hondius’
address added to that of N. de Clerck (shaded over).
Provenance: Albert van Loock (Lugt 3751)


BOYVIN, Réné (1530?-98):
Queen Ino addressing the Farmers, from a set of 26 plates after Léonard Thiry illustrating Le Livre de la Conqueste de la Toison d’or

Engraving. Robert-Dumesnil VIII,37,39; IFF 173, first state of two before number, as published in 1563


BRUYN, Nicolaes de (1571-1656):
The Ascension of Christ

Engraving, 1613. New Hollstein (as The Resurrection of Christ) 104, first state before the erasure of five figures in three different parts of the composition and their reworking
Watermark: Large crowned coat-of-arms with two Bernese bears
Provenance: Alfred Morrison (1821-97, Lugt 151)


BRUEGEL, Pieter the Elder (ca. 1525-69), after:
A Dutch Hulk and a Boeier , from a series of ten war-ships, engraved by Frans Huys (fl. 1550-70) and Cornelis Cort?
(ca. 1530-78)

Engraving, 1564-5. New Hollstein 62, first state with the date 1565
near the lower plate edge; Metropolitan Museum, Pieter Bruegel
the Elder, catalogue p. 217

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