STOOPENDAAL, Daniel (1672-1726):

De ZegepraalendeVecht
or La triomphante Rivière de Vecht, a set of 98 numbered etchings printed two to a page, full-page engraved map of the river, a map of Utrecht, an engraved title-plate by A. van der Laan after A. de Lairesse, 14 pp. of explanatory text, itemizing the plates, by Andreis de Leth, as well as 35 pp. of poetry about the river by Antoni van Hoek and Claas Bruin. Hollstein XVIII, 55; Springer p.47. First edition as published by Nicolas Visscher in 1719 in Amsterdam (there was a second edition in the same year, as well as a 1791 edition, with some minor changes in certain plates in both issues). Bound in red sheep covered in 19th C. marbled paper, with green leather spine and corners. Watermark: Strasbourg Lily and Arms of Amsterdam and their countermarks

Very fine impressions with margins. Apart from some scattered rust-marks, in very good condition. The marbled paper somewhat scuffed, the spine in good condition. Pages 410 x 263mm.      

Stoopendaal drew the prosperous houses and gardens of the Vecht from nature, often both from the river (or the opposite bank) and from the interior of the grounds and gardens. The book constitutes an itinerary beginning in Utrecht and ending in Muyden, like a pleasure-trip by boat, accompanied by a lyrical text.  A superb and precise record of the architecture and landscape gardening of the Golden Age in this region