HOLLAR, Wenzel (1607-77):

The Four Seasons, three-quarter-length,

Etchings, 1641. Parthey/Pennington 610-613, 611, 612 and 613, all in the second states of two with the number erased, 610 in the fourth state of four with Ciartre’s address erased and the corner finished; New Hollstein 332-5, states as above
Watermark: Crowned fleur-de-lis

Three impressions very fine and uniform, with thread margins or trimmed on the platemark. Autumn with a made-up small lower left corner in the plate margin. Spring is in the final state, but still very good, trimmed just outside the borderline. Repairs in three corners associated with old hinges, generally intact. 248 x 176, the other three 253 x 182mm.
The set $8,000